Sliceform Studio

Design and create your own paper strip sliceforms.

Use Sliceform Studio to...

generate paper templates and assemble sliceforms,

or create designs and export them as images.

The Workflow

Pick a base tiling

Select your set of tiles from over fifteen presets.

Inscribe patterns

Generate traditional motifs for each tile, or design your own.

Trace and color strips

Automatically convert your tiles to a set of strips and add some color.


Sliceform Studio was built and is maintained by Yongquan ‘YQ’ Lu at MIT CSAIL under the guidance of Erik Demaine. The theory behind the application is discussed in the 2015 Bridges Proceedings and the Journal of Symmetry.

These sliceform techniques were first developed by artists such as Chris Palmer and Jeff Rutzky, and have since been popularized by others such as Christiane Bettens. The concept of the pattern editor is heavily influenced by Craig Kaplan's work on Taprats.

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Sliceform Studio is open source and available free of charge.

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