Sliceform Studio is still undergoing active development (albeit at a slow rate, since I have a full-time job now). Below is a list of the changes and improvements Sliceform Studio have gotten since its initial release.

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July 2017

  • Big rework of rendering engine to display interlaced strips properly

Bug fixes

  • Issue where tile did not transfer properly when dragged from palette to canvas

September 2016

  • Added Royalty II, Fireworks, Fireworks II, Lucky 7 and Strata to the gallery
  • Improved robustness of Hankin inference algorithm

August 2016

  • Website now serves under HTTPS and is gzipped
  • Added scale, panning and zooming to strip preview pane
  • Added support for exact numbers in sliders

Bug fixes

  • Issue where pattern validation was giving false positives
  • Issue where custom pattern parameters were not wrapping around

July 2016

  • Updated documentation with optimization feature
  • Updated documentation with video
  • Better color picker with more options and support for custom colors
  • More validation around patterns that would fail to trace or lie outside the tile

June 2016

  • Added SVG strip preview feature
  • Moved strip generation parameters into strip preview modal
  • Improved cross-browser compatibility
  • Added thick SVG rendering feature (beta)

April 2016

Bug fixes

  • Issue where unnecessary creases were generated when two line segments were parallel

March 2016

  • Added dynamic scaling to pattern edit pane (handling large tiles that would not fit with scale=1)
  • Updated gallery with Hibiscus, Royalty and Altair

February 2016

  • Added optimization feature

January 2016

  • Split up custom shape modal into Basic and Advanced options
  • Moved strip generation from panel into sidebar
  • Moved unstable features (e.g. cropping, planarity) to beta status
  • Made strip generation bar sortable and assignable
  • Improved explanation for Planar Tilings switch
  • Improved PNG export functionality (variable resolutions available)
  • Improved image loading (use of sprites)
  • Improved tile rotation (from center of group, not center of tile)
  • Improved UI of custom patterns degrees of freedom
  • Reorganized gallery by difficulty
  • Added canvas control buttons (Zoom to Fit and Reset Zoom Level)
  • Added ability to unassign strip colors

Bug fixes

  • Issue where strip color assignments didn't persist through changes in extension length
  • Issue where color assignments didn't persist through saves and view toggles
  • Issue where strips would be recomputed even when no changes were made to the tiles

December 2015

  • Redesigned entire website
  • Renamed app from 'Wallpaper Studio' to 'Sliceform Studio'
  • Changed serialization extension to .slfm
  • Rehauled tutorial content
  • Added documentation section
  • Added ability to download tile design as png or svg
  • Added input validation to custom tile creation
  • Added loading icon on page load
  • Added ability to change display canvas height by dragging the bottom edge
  • Persists shape options through saving and loading
  • Removed 'Edit Pattern' button, moved to individual buttons beside each tile

Bug fixes

  • Issue where tiles in the palette could be accidentally joined

November 2015

  • Improved performance of saving and loading large patterns
  • Added pattern cropping as a beta feature
  • Moved 'Add Tile' into a modal
  • Added basic hotkey support

Bug fixes

  • Issue where non-spatial edge joins didn't carry over to trace canvas
  • Issue where custom patterns were not initializing properly on load
  • Issue where strip lengths drop to 0 after cropping
  • Issue where strips with cycles were not built correctly

October 2015

  • Added ability to save and load patterns as .wlpr files

Bug fixes

  • Issue with maintaining state with multiple custom patterns on the same tile